About Strictly Social Media

Strictly Social Media is dedicated to providing business owners and their employees with the confidence and clarity needed to run a successful social media program.

Founded in 2010 by Jana Thomas, Strictly Social Media offers tailored, expert social media consultancy to global, national and local brands. We’ve managed social media programs for clients in a variety of industries and fields generating meaningful and engaging social media brand strategies that produce results. We’ve worked with Hollywood movie studios to create and manage social media promotions for blockbuster films. We’ve helped human resources managers develop and institute national social media policies for their employees. We’ve helped retail outlets set up social customer service strategies resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Jana Thomas

Jana Thomas

Owner & Director

Jana is a marketing, advertising and communications professional with over 15 years of experience working in a variety of dynamic and fast-paced industries. 10 years of her career has also been dedicated to online media: search engine marketing, website and blog development, email marketing, data/content analysis, digital findability and social media. Today Jana is training future digital strategists and social media managers through her work as a university professor.

Jana also spends her time researching and writing about digital citizenship, social media literacy and digital conflict, as well as customer treatment of social media managers.