How are you recovering from Facebook’s big announcement last week regarding changes coming to the News Feed that will once again significantly reduce the organic reach of Facebook Pages for brands, businesses and media? We’ll have to wait patiently over the next couple months to see what is truly in store for Facebook Page organic reach, but in the mean time, it’s important to stay flexible and try new ways of engaging fans on the ever-changing platform.

I’ve been reading a lot of comments and responses from people on social media about how they feel they need to adjust their brand strategies going forward. One recurring comment I see quite often is that Page managers are looking to add more video to their content. Video, and more importantly Live Video, is an excellent opportunity for brands to increase visibility and reach on Facebook. However, it’s important to note Facebook released a News Feed Algorithm update in mid-December giving preference to videos people actively want to watch; videos that people are looking for on Facebook. Examples include videos in a continuing series where consumers take the action to search for video updates each week. Before you decide to fill your Facebook Page with videos, ask yourself these questions: Is this video I’m about to post something people need? Will this video create repeat viewership?

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